Houston attorney Randall O. Sorrels (right) accepts the 
Platinum Award at the 2008 Houston International Film Festival. The firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Friend commissioned filmmaker and TV journalist  Dan O'Rourke (left) to produce and direct "The Pledge" on behalf of a Houston family whose son was victimized in a college fraternity hazing. The film is becoming required viewing on college campuses across the United States.



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Dan O'Rourke
President and Creative Director
Twin Lion Communications is a media production and consulting company in Houston, serving clients there and
in other cities, primarily Seattle and San Francisco 

We produce dynamic legal, corporate,  and news video content.
Please click this link to view The Pledge, the  award-winning legal documentary directed by Twin Lion Communications'  President and Creative Director Dan O'Rourke


Our customers include some of the most forward-thinking individuals and companies in America, 
including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Exxon Mobil.

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